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The Relieving Chambers of the �King�s Room� overhead.

Once again we find it interesting to look at a simple set of old drawings from the mid 1800�s.  This drawing set is from the collection of Smythe from the same period roughly when Edgar and Petrie were in and about the Pyramid area.  What we must begin to understand is that much of what we do not know today, was readily available over 100-150 years ago.  The amazing part is simple truths discovered many years ago remain unknown to the public.  Meanwhile, so-called well meaning scientists make up lots of myth and fantasy that leads us further from the truth.

Look at this nice drawing from long ago.  What we see is a profile of the five relieving chambers.  Notice the person who created the drawings inserted much detail.  They make an apparent reference to the large overhead slabs being rough on one side, and smooth on the other.  Notice the overhead slabs.  As one can imagine the internal side of the rest of the room/box is likely rough as well.  There is no reason to think anything other than the edges were finished.   As we will soon see from our drawing set the rocks were left in this form on purpose.  See our drawing sets for the overhead plates and relieving chamber slabs.  (INSERT LINK, Contact if not available at this link).

Are you aware that natural dirt was found when digging at the King�s Chamber level, the Queen�s Chamber niche, and elsewhere?  As you look at this drawing group look at the three scouring (dig) areas most prominent on this drawing.  It looks like from the upper chamber relieving area number one area the explorers dug into the soft dirt/debris filler at the upper edge of the upper room in the left of the photo. 

Notice the sketch of the dig.  It looks like our diggers did not impact stones fitted as the na�ve would have us to think, did they?  Why is it that we would be so na�ve as to think this is a large perfect structure made up of perfect stone?  Nothing is further from the truth.  Is it?  See our old pictures of the actual �dig� taking place at that Queen�s Chamber/niche.  People knew long ago that the entire structure is not made of rock, and that there is much filler.  For some reason, they never felt it necessary to share the truth with us.

Notice the dig pattern located under the "coffer" (Inversion tool).  We see this same pattern or similar pattern in the drawings of the �King�s Chamber� in the Smythe drawing of the �King�s Chamber� see .  As we can see Smythe is communicating to us that they attempted to remove the floor plates and look in this region.   Smythe believed there was a chamber in this region because of the way a rock was sealed.  This is not the case, it is more likely the attempt at an early repair.   See the book, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved to determine more about this repair.  As one will see today the repair to the floor from the investigation is imperfect.  Think with me for just one minute.  Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to pull up a floor slab in a rock structure of a perfectly fitted pyramid?  Impossible?  The floor slab would be literally destroyed in the process.  Well, yes, they broke this stone set, but what they found under the structure was not nearly as impressive as what they thought���..One thing they would have found was a higher salt concentration under the room as one would find over the room.  They would have also found scouring under the plate, which likely was what made it loose enough to remove.   This is clearly revealed in the free eBook, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

Notice the apparent dig pattern at the �ante-chamber� space.  As revealed in our free eBook the destruction of this area corrupted one of the most refined working systems within the pyramid itself.  Since those who broke into the structures were chasing a myth (tomb raiders) they were not aware of the mechanism they were destroying.  For the best Ante-chamber description(s) in the world see our page/site: .  We have created a powerful set of mechanical drawings on the �ante-chamber� that describes the construction style and reason far better than anything presented thus far.  See our links and PDF�s for the Ante-Chamber.  (Anti-COLLAPSING Chamber).


As we look at the upper panels used in the relieving chamber we will find the ends are tapered in part to get them into the inversion tool (coffer) and in part for handling ease as explained in our free eBook.  What we will find is that much of the filler and spacers between the upper plates/slabs came from �packing� in the Upper Room during the shipping/handling process.  Again this is explained in the free eBook, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

As we can see from the two chambers which follow it appears the space in the relieving chamber area was not that great a space.  Many have alluded to the idea that these were removable slabs for a star observatory.  For a number of reasons this is not true.  Several of these reasons are described in a no-nonsense manner in the free eBook we provide.  Suffice it to say for now the large slabs were put in place in order to facilitate handling at/before installation.  The space however is not as great as it would need to be to handle these large stones on an ongoing basis.  The reference to the celestial observatory is likely a hoax, like many of the celestial references.  See our drawing set on the equinoxes in order to begin to protect yourself from these types of hoaxes.  See

Here we have photos from inside the relieving chamber areas.  Our  Fulcrum Rock or "Turtle Back Rock" system will explain much of what you see here.

Notice since only one end of one relieving chamber space" has been inspected the actual size and shape of the end pieces are not known.  The "space" and "thickness" of stones in this area are all variables since they are not perfect.  Meanwhile our "Turtle Back" or "Fulcrum Stones" will help explain why this is so. Our drawing set demonstrates how a 20-26 foot long stone with either a small or tapered end could be handled to get it up into this area called the relieving chambers.

Here we see the exterior work is NOT perfect.  Why do we expect the interior work to be perfect?  How did they overcome their problems and issues with "fitting" the stones?  Get the eBooks!


"Perfect Stones" of the Great Pyramid is a subject of mythology and hoax.  This side view of the structure clearly shows sloppy stones broken and pieced together.  Many have lied to us in the past.  Why continue to listen to deceivers?

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Have you seen the "Elevator" on the east side of the Great Pyramid?  This is the simple explanation of the Whidden Cavity and its purpose on the east side of the Great Pyramid. 

There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!



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