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The Whidden Cavity is identified in part by the videos below.  The "cavity" or pit derives its name from Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden who developed and presented what is likely the first realistic, plausible, and seamless construction system for the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  Whidden's work in ancient technologies, theology, Egyptology, and a form of archaeology that he developed continue to astound those who dig in to the systems and theories.

The easiest way to "find" the Whidden Cavity is to look at the eastern face of the Great Pyramid.  At the mid-body location on this east side is a large square pit that is large enough to see from satellite aerial (and on GoogleEarth).  The pit/cavity is so large that a wall in the middle of the structure can also be seen in satellite imagery.

The Whidden Cavity is not only located at the mid-body eastern side of the Great Pyramid, but it is also at the convergence location of the horizontal rock paths from the quarry where the stones for the Great Pyramid were once located.  Note this simplicity of the design, movement and solution.  Three of the four sides of the pyramid are virtually unapproachable with cargo (rocks/stones), meanwhile horizontal rock paths are found on the eastern side which all converge at a HOLE!  That "hole" is the Whidden Cavity.

The horizontal rock paths identified by Ted Whidden

years ago "connect" a large hole in the desert (quarry) to a large pile of rock (The Great Pyramid).  Very simply the rocks were moved from one location (A Quarry Whidden calls the "Sphinx Bluff") to the construction location.  It is not any more complicated than that.

Our founder when noting this very simple system noted that if rocks we were moved along horizontal paths we would expect to find a big hill or pile at the convergence location.  Yes, we do find a pyramid (The Great Pyramid of Egypt's Giza Plateau), but we find the initial location of these lines of movement (horizontal paths) is a HOLE (The Whidden Cavity).  Why would we find a big hole or pit at the convergence location of all these rock paths?

Our research team studied the dynamics of the Whidden Cavity and found that the same basic design is found throughout much of Egypt, and throughout the construction of the Great Pyramid itself.  The size and material utilized changed throughout development, but the basic mechanical design and function is quite clear once one separates the mystic pursuits and hooey from facts and reality.

No matter how one glorifies rock movements, there is only two ways to move a rock or stone.  There is the horizontal movement and the vertical movement.  It is that simple.  Since the horizontal paths are clearly delineated (but often overlooked by mystics), and they converge at one central location, we decided to explore that concept of vertical rock/stone movements.

When we cleared our minds of errors in past research we found the same combination of horizontal and vertical mechanical structures are found throughout the structure, in fact a complete, seamless design concept can be developed by simply following the horizontal indicators to the vertical, then from the vertical to the horizontal, etc.  It is not a mystery and it is not even that complicated.

The key to the truth is often found in replicated design.  No other theory ever introduced used the existing information, structure and materials.  Most are developed out of nothingness without physical evidence or supports.  Not a single one uses the obvious found when the same pattern continues to demonstrate itself within the structure.

Replications of the Whidden Cavity is found in the Queen's Chamber Niche, the antechamber of the King's Chamber, in the Subterranean Chamber, and other more obscure voids and spaces found within the structure.  For possibly the first time ever a theory is put forward that actually uses the known spaces and patterns of design and structure.  It is so easy and simple to understand.

The ancient Egyptians were known for having wood working skills, tools, and large timber management.  This is easily demonstrated by the large boats found buried on the south side of the Great Pyramid.  The Egyptians used their ability to cut squared timbers and built float devices (pistons) to create lift-assist devices uses buoyancy and floatation. 

Some of the cavities were designed to allow the water to be easily removed or displaced, thus lowering the float piston in the chamber.  The piston was then loaded with stones and the space flooded to provide a lift.  The Whidden Cavity on the eastern face worked somewhat in this manner.

Replications of the design such as found in the Queen's Chamber used the weight of men to push a floating piston down.  The water in the area/chamber would overflow its containment flooding the floor of the space nearby (Thus the sunken floor of the Queen's Chamber).  Then a stone or stones would be placed on the piston and men would jump off.  The buoyancy effect on the piston would offer a lift assistance to the vertical lift.  In essence it is a simple hydraulic lift/jack.............One must come to understand that the stones of the Great Pyramid REALLY are not that big.  At the Queen's Chamber level and above the majority of stones are only about 2.5 feet cubed (or less).  We explain this in other videos.  One of the great deceptions/illusions is the impression of massive, perfect stones.  We demonstrate the majority are not large, nor flawless.  The truth may hurt for mystics, but it will indeed set you free.

The operation of the Whidden Cavity acted much like the lift mechanism found in the Queen's Chamber.  The piston/cavity had a levy built around it.  Part of that levy (The Whidden Levy) survives to this day.  The levy had a hole (with a plug) at the bottom of it, and water reservoirs all around.  The piston was lowered by removing the plug, then raised by plugging the bottom of the levy and filling the cavity with water.  In so doing very significant amounts of lift could be created.  Men on top of the plateau (a pyramid in construction is often plateau on plateau design) would be able to help guide and lift the piston up.

The system may be best understood visually.  Check out the videos and free downloads on this site. 

Whidden Cavity Download (Assembled View)

Whidden Cavity Download (Detail Views)

Whidden Cavity Download (Exploded View)

Ted Whidden's Lift Shift Design/Development


The Whidden Cavity of the Great Pyramid of Giza Egypt


The Whidden Cavity is the Vertical Stone lifting system on the Eastern Side of the Great Pyramid


The Whidden Cavity of the Great Pyramid: Easy to understand, impossible to miss.


The Whidden Cavity of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Too simple to miss.


Sometimes the Beginning of Wisdom is the Recognition of Ignorance.


A Realistic look of the Great Pyramid from above reveals much that was hidden.


Overlooking the Eastern Side of the Great Pyramid of Giza's Egyptian plateau.


Simple Genius Explains the Revelations in the Great Pyramid of Egypt.


Cut-Away Views of the Whidden Cavity of the Great Pyramid


Simple Science prevails at the Great Pyramid of Egypt.


Pyramid Answers are easy to find when we ask the right questions to the right people.


Secrets of the Ancient East. Great Pyramid hidden secrets revealed as never before


The Whidden Cavity presented by


Detail Views of the Whidden Cavity found at the Great Pyramid of Egypt (Giza, Egypt)


The Only Seamless Great Pyramid Building Solution


Exemplary drawings of the Great Pyramid and Giza Plateau


Detail Views of the "Whidden Cavity"


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Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 


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