The �ANTECHAMBER� of the Great Pyramid

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The antechamber is likely one of the most overlooked, yet most significant spaces in the entire Great Pyramid structure.  Herein I will post some photos, but do not think you have seen or understand anything until you get a hold of our drawing sets attached and our eBooks!  Look at the following drawing to see where the "Ante-chamber" is found in the Great Pyramid.

The antechamber is one of the keys to the discovery of Perpetual Motion and Renewable Energy within the construction, development, and "life" of the Pyramid of Khufu/Cheops.

Tradition and mystic hooey often leads us to believe that the �antechamber� is some form of �portocullis� or locking mechanism preventing entry into the �King�s Chamber� of the Great Pyramid.  There is one tragic flaw with the �portucullis� or �locking mechanism� claim.  That is that when the King�s Chamber was originally found, it was completely (hermetically) sealed.  There was no way in or no way out of the space through the AnteChamber except by breaking through three or more rock walls.  Yet, even though it was completely sealed the room was virtually empty.  According to thorough accounts the only thing(s) found in the �King�s Chamber� was salt scale on the floors, dust, some bug remains, and a box (alleged coffer/coffin).  I will identify and address the coffer/coffin in another post.

In essence the entire space (King�s Chamber) was sealed, yet empty.  The stone box was all that was there.  There was no riches, no mummy, no nothing!  Understand that all three of the major pyramids at Giza were sealed and virtually empty when found, and NEVER in the history of the world has there EVER been a pharaoh mummy, pharaoh ruins, or pharaoh anything found in a pyramid!!  Check it out!  As of this writing October 2007 the �pyramid tomb� myth appears to be a legend.myth.  We can expect someone to stage a hoax/fraud to perpetrate the myth, but there are no foundation of truth in the �tomb/pyramid� legend.

I state there were three or more walls/structures to bust through to get to the upper room (erroneously called the King�s Chamber), because some of the rock �structure� in the path of our �would-be� tomb robbers (archaeologists?) was massive stone �filler� and granite stones large enough in size to only be rivaled by the base stones of the pyramid itself.  Those who first entered the upper room worked long and hard to get into the structure, and as we will see from close examination of the structure there is/was good reason.

Look at a very old (1800's) reproduction of Smythe's work.  I will provide photos (new and old) to show more detail.  Do not miss our assembled drawing sets.

I submit to you for sharing with the world a unique set of drawings never before made available in this format.  I encourage you to share these and check your other references to see who/what might be telling you �truth�.  OH!  Sorry for using the word �truth�.  I have been told by many academics lately, and so many �thinking� people that one can not use the word �truth� in setting forth a proof.  Meanwhile, my Teacher says, �Know the truth and the truth will set you free.�  If a person removes �truth� from research, then by default we create myth, legend, and folklore.  As we will see from an analytical review and look at the portucullis is that we do indeed have another pyramid illusion before us.  Let�s unravel it in a �Myth� busting fashion!  

As we look at the "portocullis" from the top of the Grand Gallery ramp.

We present a number of artist generated drawings based on a photograph set.  ALL of the drawings below are not required to understand the structure, but since they are/were available to us, we wanted to make them available to you. Possibly there is something in one or two of these drawings you can use.  Make sure to keep us posted on your progress.  Many of our readers will enjoy drawing 7 and 8, meanwhile the earlier drawings will help to explain the construction of the space and our book will explain the full purpose in great detail.  Go to The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved at for details.  (Note: These are NOT our best drawings.  We will soon reveal much more.  Stay tuned.)  

Here is the southern wall of the portocullis with the grooved walls.  The entry way we see is towards the "King's Chamber" (upper reservoir).

Here we see another view looking to south from inside the portocullis, with the west wall (note ridges in upper left of the west wall).

Here we see the "modular" inserts of the north wall.  Since the rocks for the structure would enter from the north, these stones would need to be smaller and modular.  Note the wear on the upper stone from the massive number of stones "tumbled" over this wall.  We shall explain in the free eBook and show in the drawings below.

Notice the upper east side wall (below).  The dished out areas between the raised "rails" on this stone are from the stones being tumbled "out" of the water lift/piston area.

As we look at the south wall (looking up) we see this is a modular rock slab design.  This is one of the most sophisticated rock sections in the structure.  Modular design demonstrates technology and sophistication of manufacturing not seen again in history until Henry Ford started making cars on an assembly line.  It is critical for people to begin to study this lift section with a proper mechanical outlook, and to get rid of these silly "tomb" theories and mystic quests.  This is a mechanical puzzle.  A very simple one.









In antechamber drawing number 8, we see an exploded view.  The upper (brown) pieces are parts of the wooden piston/floats that would have been used during the construction stage of the structure.  The up and down movement of a floating �piston� type elevator would have caused the gouging damage to the internal �ribs� of the space as seen by any simple examination.  In our drawing you will see water (blue) to symbolize both the construction and �operation� status of the space which will soon be proved out (in our book The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.)  As one can see the south wall (female grooved) was stood up, then one of the east or west walls installed.  The structure would stand as a two walled structure (casing tool).  If the east wall was installed second, then the third wall would be the west wall.  Either east or west could be installed first or second.  Since these two �male� ribbed walls are a matched set they are nearly interchangeable in some regards���.The last stone installed was likely the small modular �north� wall sections which would act as a �separator� for the east-west walls.  Since all the stones which moved up the ramp (Grand Gallery) and upwards went through this space, then the north wall was the �working� space making these small thick simple walls a natural, modular work surface.  We can expect virtually every lime stone rock (filler rock) above this area to have been lifted in this chamber.  For full working description get the book series at .

Do you see that as the stones of the Ante-chamber were �set� then piling stone against the walls would force the structure TOGETHER, yet the stones would prevent it from collapsing?  The only �ante� in the antechamber is that it is an Anti-Collapsing chamber!!

As you will soon see this �antechamber� model as described and shown in the photo/drawing set works almost IDENTICALLY to the Whidden Cavity� identified by aerial photography on the east side mid-body section of the Great Pyramid.  See our description and tools for that lift system.


We will also see that the water lift system or hydraulic jack in the �Queen�s Chamber� is the same design.    The same rock lift design is found throughout the pyramid structure.  See our link below.


Friends, we present the most consistent, accurate, and seamless explanation of the pyramid that not only addresses all the �known� spaces in the structure, but the spaces TO BE FOUND in the structure. (Get the free eBook).  Using modern analytical techniques enhanced by prayer, and Guidance by the Great Architect we reveal the entire construction process from top to bottom of the Great Pyramid.  Our engineering and accuracy is so incredibly high that we predict exactly where the next spaces will be, how big they will be, how to identify them and so much more����..It is amazing when the Creator bestows His knowledge upon a team of witnesses������.We reveal the secrets to the pyramid and Giza complex for free in preparation for a release larger than even the pyramid mystery.  Get on our mailing list (Wisdom Team), because there is more to come!

Do not miss our �Lift Shift� drawing presenting the best �mix� of old surveying images and modern electronic image, profiles, and studies of the Great Pyramid.  It is simply an amazing revelation and a gift to the world from Ted Whidden

and the Team at .  The best place to download the revolutionary Lift Shift drawing is from

The Antechamber of the Great Pyramid. The most refined stone work.


The Ante-Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Possibly the most important, yet overlooked space.


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The Portocullis or Antechamber of the Great Pyramid



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Great Pyramid Antechamber or Portocullis Assembly process during construction


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Antechamber / Portocullis Views from the Great Pyramid of the Giza Plateau in Egypt



There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 

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