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How in the world did the ancient Egyptians move the large granite stones to build the pyramids? SLAVES? SLEDS? Or Just a bunch of fellas in �Flip-Flops�? (Flip-Flopping Stones in the desert, that is...)

Have you ever wondered why there are so many questions, myths, legends, lore, and beliefs concerning the �Great Pyramid� of Egypt?

Are you aware that when you investigate the claims it appears the VAST majority of theories and theorists NEVER go to the site, nor have ever been?

Are you aware that much of what we follow in the way of legend and lore is by way of people who haven�t a clue as to what they are talking about? Is this upsetting, or is it true? Could it simply be truly upsetting?

Have you ever heard that sometimes folks cannot see the forest for the trees?

To begin with maybe we should take a view of the pyramid. Since we are often misled about facts concerning the structure, let�s present this in simple fashion as if the builders of the structure were real people, and that they were not ashamed of how they built the structure or how they moved the stones. Let�s ask ourselves if there is any chance that someone left some tools laying around that might give us a clue as to how the tools were used��..Is your faith great enough to think that a reasonable person could �figure out� what happened given reasonable information and evidence?  If you do not think it is possible then you have admitted defeat before we even start.  That is what the illusionists want you to do.  Don't fall for it.  The answers are really quite simple.

Here we look at an aerial of the Great Pyramid. I will use this aerial again. I wanted you to see a view that you can easily obtain for yourself using simple tools like GoogleEarth. The lower right side of the pyramid in this photo is the east side.  We will soon learn the east side is the staging area for the stones used to build the pyramid.  The quarries will be in very near proximity to the east side and towards the river.  You will soon see there is a "Heavy Lift Crane" on the east side of the Great Pyramid at a place that bears our author's name (The Whidden Cavity).   My eBook The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved addresses many of the quarry issues, cutting issues, transportation issues, etc���..Herein I share with you a simple method for handling large granite stones across a soft lime rock base. Fortunately all the tools, stones, evidence, etc are still on the job site today for us to examine.  This will show you a simple, practical way of moving stones horizontally over the land.  The "Whidden Cavity" will show one example of a design replicated throughout the structure for making vertical lifts.  Remember there is only two ways in the world to move a stone. 

No matter how you glorify it or mystify it, there are only TWO ways to move stone:   1) Horizontally, and 2) Vertically.  Once we learn two simple methods we merely repeat the process as many times as we need.

Be patient with me. Some of the �fodder� you will be tempted to scurry past as I write will be information you will need later. As we will see in this expose and others that are coming MOST of what you think you know about pyramids could be a lie. In fact, many people who claim to �know� things about pyramids have been misled by nutty theories by fantasy lovers. There is no grounding for most of what you might think is true.   The really exciting part is that since SO MUCH fantasy, legend, and lore has been manufactured by modern science, that when we fleshed out their theories and eliminated the deceptions, we were left with the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.......So help me! 

Our team went to the site and tested several of the myths and legends.  Wait until you see what we found!  Be ready to challenge your past understanding.  Your ideas may be shaken by proofs on the plateau.

It is commonly read, taught, and believed that the �rocks� of the Great Pyramid were moved to the structure using sleds, rollers and other such things����.In this expose� we begin by showing you the east side of the Great Pyramid.  This is likely the side where they staged the building materials since the other sides are either too steep (recall we are on a "plateau") or covered with sand.  A "sled" theory would not work in thick sand or on steep inclines.  One will notice early on that a "ramp" theory cannot work either.  I will address this later if I must.

One will note there are large embankments to the west of the pyramid so we would not expect many stones to come that way. We notice the south side is �away� from the river towards a sand covered desert so we would expect a few stones (but not many) to come from that way. We often fail to think about the plateau at Giza as a PLATEAU! THINK! The plateau is high above the river terrain to the north. This means it would be awkward to make the vertical ascent with the rocks from down low. For this reason we would expect the east side of the pyramid to be a staging area for many of the stones.   Since the other three sides do not appear to be good staging areas will you allow me to focus on the east side?  As it is the only good candidate, the others may not matter as far as staging goes (at this juncture).  Let's merely apply some common sense as if we really wanted to know answer.

Understand the mass of the pyramid is locally quarried lime stone. It is naturally existing all around and in my book The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved I give obvious indications and evidences of the natural quarry sites all around. In fact, our photo set shows terrain and construction issues long since over-looked, but abundantly clear when it is pointed out to you. No matter what you think you know, I estimate you will learn 100 good NEW points of interest by reading our book series and visiting our site at  .

Are we so silly to think that the evidence and information could actually be found ON SITE! No way! If it was that easy, then why wouldn�t someone tell us before now? There are reasons why people have mislead us as we�ll see. If there is evidence then why has it been hidden and obscured for so long? Special interest? Illusion? Mysticism? Commercial reasons? Or is it just ignorance?

Notice here we look at the east side of the Great Pyramid. In this photo below we are looking to the south. Notice to the right of the people in the photo there is a �railing� around a Cavity on plain area adjacent to of the pyramid. A Cavity!??? Come on! I know you have read many books on pyramids and a host of other issues, but they rarely if ever mention the holes do they? There are more than five massive holes around the exterior of the pyramid and more to be found. NO ONE has ever adequately explained these holes.  Since no one has ever addressed this hole properly would you mind if I revealed a secret to the world and put my name on the hole for the rest of mankind to see?  

When you look at the plateau from your satellite image at GoogleEarth you see five large holes and hundreds of small �holes� all around the plateau. Do you know why they are there? You need to get my book in order to find out.����Okay, if people today do not know �how or why� the pyramids were built, and those who write on the structure never mention the holes, then maybe they have missed something? What do you think? LOOK! There is a hand rail here around a deep cavity!  Look at all the holes in seen from the aerial photo!

Here is another photo below of the same cavity. Don�t worry, I will get to the point soon, but I need to show you some more photos. Look to the left in this photo. Do you see the darker colored pavements to the left? Look closely���You have been lied to for a very, very long time by �theorists�. Do you think they ever really �looked� at the pyramid for answers?

The big holes are large enough to view from a satellite in the heavens. Imagine if this were something �important�. What is it and why is it there? What does it have to do with stone handling? We shall see part in this expose, and part in one that is coming���Meanwhile, explanations are in the free books at our website.

Here we see yet another view. As we look to the south we obviously do not see the other pyramids because the other pyramids are off to the southwest of this structure. That means they are �in line� from where the photographer stands to the right of the photo and looks to the left. Note again the �pavements� on the left. These are �reconstructions�.  Personally I do not like reconstructions because the illusions or perceptions of the builder masks the truth at times.  We will see they do here as well........Or maybe they don't.............. Reconstruction concepts are likely the �concept� of someone, somewhere, but what are the chances that �commercial interests� would be covering up evidence so that the �mystery� of the pyramids remains �marketable�? I submit to you that it happens. We shall see some amazing evidence herein.

The next photo is apparently a GoogleEarth aerial. If it is not, I apologize. I work with a powerful group of �out of the box� thinkers and I asked for a Pyramid aerial. Here is what I got���You can get your own online.

Look very, very closely at the lower right of the photo. Look at the mid-body of the Great Pyramid. Do you see two elongated �holes� that look a bit like boats pointing to a black/grey �pavement�? That is the �pavement� in the photos above. The �hole� you see in the photos is the little square black spot near the mid-body of the Great Pyramid in the lower right��This hole is appropriately named after our author.

Friend the �house/roof structure� along the lower left edge of the Great Pyramid is housing a 120+ foot BOAT found buried in the dirt to the SOUTH of the pyramid. I do not know about you, but if I found a boat I would look for water.  How about it?  If I found a big boat I would look for a lot of water.  Fair enough?  The side we are addressing (Lower right) is the east side (In my book I address the boat and other issues, but we�re limited in this text to what we can share. You need to go to and learn how to use tools at your disposal to conquer the world of deception.)

Now I am going to take you along a simple, normal path of an �average� guy walking around the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau���.A problem we see is that for 4000+ years people have stood at the bottom of the pyramid like a bunch of turkeys looking at the top����If people have stood at the bottom looking up at the top and THEY never figured out �how and why� the pyramids were built, then let�s run against the tide of humanity. Instead of standing at the bottom looking �up�, let�s take God�s perspective and look from the top-down.

Here is what we see in the �pavements� on the east side of the structure. We see funny little �dished-out� but square out-croppings in the naturally existing lime rock.  We will find several and they all converge at the Whidden Cavity.  Do you see it?  What you MUST understand there was more than one way to move a stone.  This method revealed herein is a simple PROVEN method to move large hard granite by tumbling it over dished out paths in soft lime rock.  By tumbling the stone over curved surfaces they did not fall, slap, or fall flat on the ground.  They impacted soft lime rock and rolled.  It is likely the early invention of the "wheel"!!!  Note: In the deserts of Egypt they would have little use for "wheels", but tumbling a rock along a predetermined path would be very simple and very effective.  If the stones were similar in size, then a custom "path" could be developed and re-used for each stone in a group.

Study this closely. Do you see that a square �hole� to the left is �beveled� slightly on the edges (left and right in your view) , BUT there are �crisp� corners on the edge (top and bottom in your view)? Look at the �shadowy� area. Nice, clean edges. The same perspective exists from the other side if we looked �north�. Recall at this point we are still looking to the south from the edge of the �square hole� in the mid-body section of the east side of the Great Pyramid����Why in the world (in HELL!) hasn�t anyone addressed the �hole� or these irregularly �dished� holes, ramps, and beveled areas? We shall see..........There are many of these that ALL have dished out edges leading one to believe these rock tumbling paths were used for tumbling stones to or from the structure.  Meanwhile they ALL converge at a HOLE!  Why would they converge at a hole?

As we move towards the next photo we see the same �dished out� stone areas. Meanwhile, keep a sharp eye on the black or darkened stone pavements. This will help you �orient� yourself to the pyramid. In this next shot the photographer is standing with his back to the Great Pyramid, looking to the east with the pavements in front of him. 

We see the dishing out of holes from east to west in alignment with where the stones came from, but crisp corners north and south. LOOK! The photographer is now standing on the south side of the dished out marks, and the north (crisp) edges are shown. Look at the �beveling� of the holes from the black pavements moving to the lower left of the photo (PYRAMID!). Notice the dished out holes line up from the east leading west directly to the large square, deep cavity on the eastern face of the pyramid���Would it surprise you to learn there are MANY of these tracks that converge at the �Whidden Cavity� as it is called on the east side of the pyramid?  (There is a link coming soon to describe the "Whidden Cavity".)

Okay, before you focus too intently on one set of �dished out� stone sets, look at this one. This should show you there are more than one��.It should also show you that �reconstructions� of black pavements may hide evidence of the truth and the past, keeping us lost in mysterious hoaxes and illusions����As we look from bottom center of the photo to the pavements in front of us we realize that the �dished� areas in the centerline of the photo move from the east (dark pavements) to the west (pyramid!!). Amazing! But what does it mean? Let�s continue moving along.

There is far more information in the eBooks at 

Look closely at this picture (below) before you move on, AND note the large stone to the mid right of the photo.

As you see the photo above shows a �dishing out� from east (top of photo/dark pavements) to the bottom (pyramid edge)����..Hold it! Are these in existence all around? On the east side, YES!! They converge at the �Whidden Cavity� on the east side. But some have been covered up�..The rock inventory for the pyramid came from the east/southeast, didn�t they? Well, yes��But you need to read Ted�s book at �����

Hold it��.I mention the �pyramid hole� on the east side of the structure. This is sited from the air and from aerials and is SO LARGE that internal structures, walls, etc inside the �hole� are seen from satellites HIGH in the sky. Is this true? YES! Why hasn�t anyone addressed this before? (It is being explained in our book series.) There are 60+ feet deep holes around the outside of the Great Pyramid that the average citizen can see by using GoogleEarth, but our �scholars� have failed to address? What is going on?............Deception, lots of deception���.Scholars of the past have hidden the truth, maybe because it is so obvious they would not be able to sell sensational ideas���What they are doing is dumbing down society. Let�s bring the truth of the pyramids to the light of day. No more darkness and deception, okay?

Scholars simply do not know what the cavity is there for���We show you in the eBook series at . (Yes, this is in many ways an �advert� to get you to look at an eBook to help change the world and help you know more truths than you could ever imagine about pyramids.)

Do you remember the photo above? Look again at the large stone to the right of the photo, now look at the next photo���..This is the OTHER side of that large stone. It has similarly dished out stone out-croppings on BOTH sides! Can you see it? There is more than one set of parallel paths from the east (dark pavements) to the �pyramid hole� (The Cavity of Whidden!). Notice there are several that would allow you to �flip-flop� a large stone pillar from one hole to another! NO way! LOOK! You can see it in the aerials, too!

Now, do you really think that you �know� the truth about pyramids? Where did you get your information? What else did that person tell you? My friend, I give away the answers to literally hundreds and thousands of mysteries in our book series����The problem is that �commercial interests� want to mislead you and make you think mystically, mysteriously, and such. As long as there is confusion in the world, YOU remain lost and confused��..A friend of mine once said, �Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!� Could it be true?

Sometimes it is funny that we miss the obvious, because it is hidden in plain view. Look at the granite pillar lying in near proximity to some these �dished out� holes (horizontal rock paths) in the pavements (Photo Below)���.Would it surprise you to find the granite pillar is the perfect size to fit in the dished out holes nearby? Would it surprise you to know the length of the �original/unbroken� part of this granite pillar is about the perfect length to tumble from the vertical into the next hole, and then the next hole, and then the next? HA! HA! Sleds? What sleds? Where are the 50,000 slaves? What a hoax? Did ANYONE actually LOOK at the area to do their study?  Know the TRUTH and the truth will set you free.........Tourists, mystics, and the curious at heart keep moving along please, however���

PLEASE look closely at the photo above. PLEASE look at the end of the granite pillar to the right. Notice the end and �finishing� or tapered appearance. Do not move onwards until you examine it carefully. The end is broken and damaged. You can return to this photo later, but make sure you are aware.

NOW, look at the upcoming photo. Obviously we see it is a different �end� of a granite pillar. We see the end is square. We see the black pavements because the photographer has his back to the pyramid, looking east. (Recall your GoogleEarth aerials?). Now, if this large pillar has a dished out network (DISH NETWORK!) of holes running east-west at the south end, and the other photo showed an east-west set of holes dished out at the NORTH end of a pillar then this tells us there are MANY sets of these dished out holes running east-west from the rock quarries (east/southeast) to the west (pyramid and pyramid hole/Whidden�s Cavity)���..Can you see what I am showing you? I have more photos���..In fact, I challenge tourists from all over the world to begin checking your old �home� movies and photos of the pyramid plateau. 

Anyone and everyone who has ever visited the site should share their old photos with friends��Get our eBook and then revisit your photos. You will likely need to visit our website to get photos you missed, but either way the truth is released. The cool part about telling the truth is that hundreds of thousands of people have home photos to prove the truth. The illusionists can no longer hide the truth. It is revealed in the book at , The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

Look at this photo. In this photo I focus more on the pavements in your aerials, and the �minor� pyramids to the east (SE) of the Great Pyramid. Isn�t it funny that most pyramid enthusiasts do not know there are NINE pyramids at Giza and more than NINETY in Egypt!? Isn�t it funny, they have NEVER found a pharaoh or pharaoh mummy in one!! I really felt a little foolish for listening to the past �theorists� when I found that no one clarified that NEVER have they found a pharaoh body, mummy or remains in a pyramid. They are not tombs at ALL! It is an old hoax that remains because we fail to ask the right questions. Tell me��.Which pharaoh was found in a pyramid? NONE OF THEM! Many people say �King Tut� but he was found 400 or so miles away! The Valley of the Kings is a 12 hour overnight train ride away!!! Check it out! The truth will indeed set you free.

As we see above the �dished out� marks in the pavements are to the left of the photo running from the southeast (Cairo in the background), pavements before us, and minor pyramid to the right. The �Great Pyramid� is to the back of the photographer, and the Whidden Cavity is just to the left behind the photographer. For clarity:  Our photographer is basically looking from the Whidden Cavity on the east side of the Great Pyramid to the east to see where the �dished out� markings which carried the stone inventory came from. The answer might surprise you. (Get the book set at )

Folks, I was blessed beyond measure to spend months in the deserts of Egypt. I was blessed even further by receiving a clarity concerning simple things. I was allowed to share on teams that solved hundreds and hundreds of mysteries. We are setting folks free from illusion by walking them into a path of truth in the light��..On our site we address the �Atlantean� theory of Sphinx construction concerning water/rain erosion, we address the Spiral Ramp hoax, the external ramp theories, �slave� theories, and a host of archaeological, theological, Egyptological, Bible, and Hebrew claims to the Egyptian kingdom.  The new book release addresses many of these past claims.  Get it free at  There are more coming.

Here is a neat photo. We are now standing on the dark pavements looking west towards the eastern side of the Great Pyramid. What we see in the photo is a large granite pillar. Amazingly the granite pillar is the same size as the dished out spaces that run from your lower right of your photo to the upper left. Isn�t this funny!? The tourists of the world often miss the obvious. Do you see how a few (very few people) could stand up a stone then topple it and it would fall naturally into the next hole and stand in the vertical with a minimal stress so that a person (or a few) could catch the stone, and then perpetuate the toppling effect���.Isn�t this cool!??..........

Look at what one of our team demonstrates with this photo above!

Before you go too far, notice the guard rail and the Whidden Cavity� on the east side of the pyramid. It is the open hole with guard rail in the photo above. Do you see it? Do you realize that many of these �flip-flop� or toppling areas converge at the �Whidden Cavity�? LOOK! The guard rail is for the black hole you see in your GoogleEarth aerial image on the eastern side, mid-body of the structure. Let me help you just a little. I want to insert another aerial. This is a simple one so that you can walk with me hand in hand to see what I see���Come along friend. 

Here is another GoogleEarth image. You can get your own, but I want you to focus on the right side, mid-body of the Great Pyramid. Look at the �dot� which is a very, very large, very deep hole that is big enough to be seen from a satellite in the sky! The pyramid BASE covers a 13 acre site, so the cavity looks small, but it is quite large. Do you have any idea how big and how deep this �Whidden Cavity� is? Do you see the little dark �pavements� to the east (right) of the Whidden Cavity�? Look closely. Go back and look at the other photos above. I gave them to you. They are yours. Make a copy and share it with your friends. I don�t care. I just want you and as many of your friends as possible to check out the eBooks and the series coming available at . Become a friend.  Join our "Wisdom Team".  I will share more.  WE will pour out blessings, information, and power upon you that you have never seen before. (Call Oprah, too! She needs to meet me!)

For the kind folks who have photos of the pyramids or for those who are checking it out, I include a few more photos. I want you to absolutely know the truth, and be able to find me and our research in your home movies, photos, and such. Let me give a couple of �east-side� photos for you to see.

Here is a simple �east-side� photo. Notice guard rail to the left which encloses the �Whidden Cavity� on the east side of the structure, mid-body. Notice a set of large granite pillars in the center fore-ground and to the left in the background. Notice the dark pavements to the right, and the administration building to the right (southeast corner of pyramid). OH! That big thing to the left is the east side of the Great Pyramid.

I ask you to take a truthful, simple look at the 100+ photos/shots we have PER SIDE of each side of the Great Pyramid Structure. My friend we have been told many things. Some of them are true, but some of them are not���.Who has told the truth, and who has not?...........Get the book, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved. If Solomon was here, then he could solve the mystery, right? There is one greater than Solomon on this earth. Check it out. The eBook is free at .

Here is another view from a bit further back.

Take a look at this photo. What do you see?

Look again! Many people are drawn left to look at the eastern face of the Great Pyramid (Left side of photo). We notice as we look to the right, however that there is a large granite pillar lying on its side! Can you see it? Amazing. Many would miss this����.Next photo is a close up of this tiny little fellow and some of his friends.

From a �natural� look at the site it looks like the people cut the soft lime rock base on the plateau and �tumbled� the granite stones in��..Okay, it may not be glamorous, but isn�t that the problem.? We look for complicated ways to do simple things, and very often our �academics� create something mystic, weird or freaky to explain something simple. Okay it is a little simplistic to think this concept is possible, BUT there is an abundance of EVIDENCE all around the plateau. WHY IN THE HELL has this gone ignored?   Why are there SO MANY of these dished out rock paths converging at the "Whidden Cavity"?  It is obviously not for dismantling the pyramid.  It is for BUILDING!

Have you ever thought that sleds in the sand would not work?  Wheels/rollers in the sand would not work.  The best way to walk a stone or large object may be to flip it end over end, just like the REAL BUILDERS appear to have done.  Do �academics� take us for stupid, or are they looking for a creative way to keep their funding for their �academic� pursuits? People are starving all over the world, and we pay millions for people to investigate this site and they haven�t a clue what to look for! I do not know about you, but I am ashamed. I am upset of the waste, fraud, and abuse. Why are so many people chasing rainbows and mystic freaky stuff, when people around the world are starving, in need of clean drinking water, health care, etc?.........Fresh water? Did he say fresh water? Would fresh drinking water be a concern in the deserts of Egypt? NO WAY! Who needs water in the desert?............Mystic pursuits or hard facts? .

What we will find is this stone tumbling method works very well for high density, hard granite����Would it surprise you to know there is another method for moving the �mass� of the structure? The vast majority of the mass is naturally existing lime rock. These stones are less dense and more brittle. How would you move them? This would actually be the larger task (less glamorous) because there are far, far more lime rock stones than granite���The lime rock stone movement method, count, cutting, etc is all explained in the eBooks at . (Have you called Oprah yet on my behalf?)

Well lookie here what someone left behind!? (Photo above) A couple of stones in an east-west disposition on the east side of the structure���..Okay��.They have not been there for 4000+ years, but THINK! Do not focus on the stones. Focus on the HOLE they are sitting in! The HOLE they are sitting in HAS BEEN there for thousands of years!! It is just like the ones we saw earlier! These stones are some of the very few imported stones (pink granite). 98% or more of the mass of the Great Pyramid is locally quarried lime rock! Yes, it is local stone. Not imported���..You do not have to believe me. You can live in a fantasy land of sleds, imported stones, aliens, and such or you can go to , look at the photos, read the eBooks, share real world perspectives with friends, AND whatever you do, ask your "guru" who in the world BESIDES TED has addressed the �Whidden Cavity� on the east side of the pyramid?..............Hold it, there are others who claim to have solved the pyramid, but Whidden soundly disposes of their theories as hoaxes using real world evidence���.Hold it��..Is he the only guy in the world that knows the answer to the Great Pyramid and the Great Mysteries of the world? NO! You can know them, too, because Ted is too dumb, and too honest to hold back the information! Ted gives away a million a day at his websites:,  , and  �����For a bright guy, he doesn�t seem real smart some times���.Hold it. �Smart people� told us about sleds when there are these cool �teeter-totter�, rock flipping tools built into the foundation of the pyramid plaza. There is obvious evidence of rock tumbling exercises. If the �scholars� didn�t tell us the truth in this regard, then what else have the failed to tell us? (Get the book!)

Look at these photos above sensibly. It is not �my� theory, it is THE BUILDERS theory! When you look closely at this you see that a simple system like this would not require sleds nor slaves! Where are these �50,000 slaves� anyway? Isn�t that an age old hoax? Appears so! Where is the �sled evidence�? Appears there may not be any!! LOOK again! It does not matter whether you like this or not, it is THERE! As I review ideas and �theories� purported by those who claim to have studied in this area I find dozens and dozens of simple answers to things they have tried to make complicated. Why is that? Would you suffer a little in order to learn the truth? We have compiled a book series (and our research is ongoing) that addresses hundreds of these �mysteries�. Our early book series is available online at no cost whatsoever. Go now to and get your  eBooks and more information.

Many of the �issues� that seem so mystic are indeed in plain view. They are merely hidden because we are not ready to read, see, and/or hear the truth. Preconceived notions and strange pursuits cloud our vision more often than you can imagine���..Let our investigative team open your eyes to the truth���.Where possible I will use simple tools readily accessible to you.

As we can see, the odds of using sleds in the sand are pretty slim. The stones were more often than not toppled or tipped. Since �academics� fail to understand rock handling techniques they have missed some profound wisdom. Get the eBook at . Ted takes a more serious look at the structure in those texts. You will like it if you can become a truth seeker of the highest order.


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The City of Atlantis or the Tower of Babel? Which is it? Could Ancient Egypt be Egyptian?


The Rains of Ancient City of Atlantis. Erosion of the Great Sphinx of the Giza Plateau.


There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.


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