The COFFER or "Coffin" in the "Great Pyramid"

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As I prepare to close I want to throw you a little �curve����.It is not every day that I get to show something this simple and pure to nice folks like you���.Look closely at the following picture��.It is a picture of what is commonly called the �coffer� in the �King�s Chamber� of the Great Pyramid���.One thing no one ever tells us is what �precisely� was found inside the �Great Pyramid� when the explorers penetrated this space for the first time? Do your search! Where is the inventory? THEY FOUND NOTHING! They found dust, salt, and dead bugs. Nothing more!! Isn�t this funny! The room was empty except for this one stone box.

Let�s look at the stone box closely��..It is too long to house a person���It is too narrow to house anything more than about 20 inches wide. If this was a �coffin� then this guy was the tallest pencil in the world! Too tall, and too thin��.Meanwhile, the explorers broke into a perfectly sealed room (17 feet by 34 feet with a 19 foot ceiling) and found it to be empty. What about a pharaoh? Where did he go!?? He was NEVER here!!..........Hold it��Ted, you seem like a nice guy. Are you telling me a sealed room had no body? Yes. No riches, gold, mummy, nothing? Yes��..Interesting����MEANWHILE, there is a beaten up old rock box in the room. There is no lid for the box. The box is obviously open, BUT the edge of the box is abused severely. What would it take to abuse a stone box this badly? What �pharaoh� would be put in here? Why would they build such a HUGE monument just to leave the main room empty? Coffin empty? No lid? Abuse of the box? It looks like people lied to us about sleds, slaves, and such. What else? I bet Ted tells us in his free eBook, and this was a silly way of poking fun and inviting friends into the light of wisdom.

A friend sent this photo from an online search to assist in revealing truth in the structure. If this is your photo contact me. I would love to give credit for such a nice shot of an ugly old box in a dusty room����..Meanwhile look closely at the photo and see my next �Blog� at and the links found at the "proofs" (Hint: Inversion Tool) where I show you hidden truths in this photo.

Would it surprise you to learn this box (above) is an inversion tool for flipping rocks, just like we saw above?  Are you crazy?  Wait and see.  A powerful link will soon be set at the bottom of this page.  See the "Flipping Your Lid" link that will soon be posted at bottom.

The author of this little blog has had a little fun by sharing profound truths. He conducts archaeological research all over the world, and provides free resources on the web systems he maintains. He is not funded by special interest groups who want to lie, cheat and steal from you. He is not working with �grant� money to �come up� with evidence on preconceived ideas����Ted Whidden

is a seeker of truth, sharer of Great Wisdom, and an all round nice guy��..As the systems develop we have a few overheads (costs) and would love for folks to invest in truth by purchasing some of the other book series as they come available��..Some of the most profound truths Whidden works on is in the field that some might call �Biblical Archaeology�. A problem in this field in the past is that people have tried to �prove� the Bible right or wrong. What Whidden has done is allowed the Bible to stand (or fall) based on good science, but challenged science to stand (or fall) based on an accurate �read� of the Word. The discoveries are amazing, and as we walk through the pages of ancient history with you we will share great discoveries���.The core principle we find is that the Truth is most often hidden in plain view���..As you will see in future editions there is a very good reason that the �dished out� tracks for the stones of the Great Pyramid converge at the �Whidden Cavity� at the mid-body section of the eastern face of the Great Pyramid���.In an upcoming article (See Link Below) Whidden will reveal the reason and purpose for the hole����The world was kept in the dark for 4500 years in this regard, until the Internet was developed to allow you all to see everything I will share��..The Internet can indeed be used to properly educate the public. Hallelujah! Know the truth and it will indeed set you free.

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There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

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