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Whether the world accepts it or not Biblical prophecy that is almost 2500 years old it unfolding before our very eyes.  Check it out!  Isaiah 19 of the Bible

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As we looked at the commentaries used by preachers, teachers and seminaries we realized there was potentially "human error" and a form of mythology inserted to help explain the unexplainable.  A simple example is the commentaries which have apparently provided no concrete proof of King David or King Solomon.  Conduct your own web search.  Go to Wikipedia and look to see what it says about David and Solomon.  They are referred to as "Bible Characters".  If there was hard proof of their epic kingdoms, rule and power then it would seem that there would be more to substantiate their existence.  This DOES NOT mean they were not historical.  It merely means that leading to this point theologians and researchers have not conducted proper research in to the historical alignment of the Bible.  We release the first and only historical/Biblical alignment ever released.  Using the past theories put forward we flesh them out and challenge them with respect and find the answers of eternity have been hidden in plain view since the beginning of time.  Go now and begin our book series: The Bible Plumb Line.

Past theories misled us by stating that Ramses the Great was pharaoh of the Exodus.  This is impossible for a number of reasons.  The historical and Biblical references BOTH point to a mutually acceptable time that show us the answer(s). This is an amazing breakthrough.  Meanwhile, note the reference to a city (Rameses) in the early Biblical text misled early researchers and they became enamored with the idea of a pharaoh named Ramses.  The early researchers failed to realize that Ramses the Great was the second of MANY Ramses pharaohs, and by the time to translators got ahold of the Biblical Text the name had more than one usage.  Not to worry.  The commentaries are in error.  This is nothing new.  LOOK!  They rarely agree on pharaohs in the time of Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, etc.

Not only do we solve the "Exodus" issue, but we locate the Temple of Solomon (and SOLOMON!) as well. 

Unfortunately, the lack of proper academic research in the sands of Egypt, and the lack of academic challenge to entrenched doctrine and dogma of the past have left people of the Bible (Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people) in the dark.  Fortunately, there are answers.

Notice that to date theologians and theorists have lacked proof of the Ancient Jerusalem, Solomon's Temple, Solomon, and King David.   The reason is in large part is because theorists of the past have focused on the historical rendering of Josephus Flavius Titus who wrote "Antiquities of the Jews".  Further leading traditional theology astray is the practice of spending more time studying "What men say" about the Bible, rather than studying the Bible itself. 

Here is what happened to our founder.....He was accepted to a PhD in theology program.  The first order of business for the PhD was to order stacks of books (commentaries) and ideas of men of the past concerning God and the Word of God.  The textbooks were examined and many were found to have been written 100+ years BEFORE the modern study of archaeology began.  The traditional writings of Matthew Henry and "theologians" of old were written BEFORE anyone went in to the deserts and LOOKED!  They are based on traditions, hearsay, and occasionally perspectives/illusions.........Upon examining one text in the series required for reading there were FIVE errors cited on the first page.  If this was an indication of the errors in this and other texts in the series, we had to refuse to embrace this culture, and the quest began to find the truth.

Know the TRUTH, and the TRUTH will set you free.  We are not set free by traditional teachings, ideas, and perspectives.  We challenge you to challenge us, challenge the Bible, and watch to see what happens as we unfold the first and only Biblical/historical alignment the world has ever known.

Our exposure to the academic quest of the theologian was disappointing.  Instead of engaging God in the Spirit, they seem to engage one another on academic understanding of ancient philosophers, and they themselves become proteges of untruth.  The word "Theology" is made up of two words, "Theos" meaning God, and "ology" the study of.  We no longer have theologians studying "God".  Our theologians of today study man and man's commentaries on things of God.  They are often lost, and those who follow them will become lost as well (blind leading the blind).

The Temple of Solomon has been located.  Without the assistance of any "theological" wanderings we used the Bible as a textbook, walked across the desert and discovered the Ancient City of Jerusalem, Solomon's Temple, the House of Solomon, the House of Pharaohs Daughter, the Millo, the pool of Siloam, the House of the Mighty/Heroes (See Nehemiah) and the points along the wall demonstrating the wall of Jerusalem remains.  Click here.  Pre-purchase our book release, and we will share our research with you.

By fleshing out the many "theories" of those who have never conducted proper research, we often find amazing truths hidden in plain view for the world to see.

As we fumbled in the dark with the masses of humanity, we asked how can the men of science (philosophy, theology, etc) tell us where we are "going", when they cannot tell us where we have BEEN?  We solve ancient mysteries and provide future science breakthroughs.  The Wisdom Team are an unstoppable force who will be "in" on the secrets of the future.  As an example of the simplistic way to solve what is perceived as complicated problems our author/founder solves the core issues of "Perpetuity/Eternal" herein.  Test the theory, spirit, concept, or whatever you wish to call it. 


There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!  


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