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Whether the world accepts it or not Biblical prophecy that is almost 2500 years old it unfolding before our very eyes.  Check it out!  Isaiah 19 of the Bible

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As we looked at the commentaries used by preachers, teachers and seminaries we realized there was potentially "human error" and a form of mythology inserted to help explain the unexplainable.  An simple example is the commentaries which claim that "Ramses" was the pharaoh of the Exodus.  This is CLEARLY an error!  Let me show you why:

Historically Ramses the Great was a contemporary of Hiram King of Tyre.  A simple review of the Biblical text reveals that Hiram King of Tyre was BIBLICALLY a contemporary of King David (because Hiram provided the cedars for the Temple) and of King Solomon (because he provided the workers for building the Temple).  The Ramses reference is sadly confused, since Ramses the Great could not be BOTH the pharaoh of the Exodus and a contemporary with Hiram of Tyre...........Not only do we solve the "Exodus" issue, but we locate the Temple of Solomon (and SOLOMON!) as well.  See assignment number three. 

As an example note that it is possible to pick up several commentaries on Moses, the pharaoh of the Exodus, and the Exodus itself we found the historical connections, names of pharaohs and such were very speculative.  Note the irregularities. We noted the factual data was lacking, then it became apparent that theologians had never proved the Israelite (Hebrew) existence in Egypt, NOR had they proved any aspect of the Exodus.

Unfortunately, the lack of proper academic research in the sands of Egypt, and the lack of academic challenge to entrenched doctrine and dogma of the past have left people of the Bible (Christians, Muslims, and Jewish people) in the dark.  Fortunately, there are answers.

Notice that to date theologians and theorists have lacked proof of the Exodus.   The reason is in large part is because theorists of the past have focused on a wicked pharaoh and a power demonstration by God.  What this past research fueled by hatred has missed is that due to stresses on the environment in Egypt (plagues, locusts, hail, destruction of crops, pestilence, etc list in the "Ten Plagues") then God not only saved the people in the wilderness, BUT God saved the Egyptian people by removing the Israelites!  THINK!  The environment and economics were strained by the plagues.  It was necessary for BOTH the Egyptians and Hebrews for the Hebrews to leave!  (Get our book series on the Miracles of Moses and the Exodus period.  It is the first historical alignment ever.)

NOW!  If we wanted to prove someone "left" an area (Exodus!).  We first need to prove their existence!  If you do not prove they were there then you cannot prove they left!  Seems simple?  Theologians have focused on the "fireworks" and sizzle, while missing the simple point of establishing the existence of the people in the land............NOW!  In order to prove the existence of the people it would help if you could establish the time of arrival.  By simple reasoning when you demonstrate someone "arrived" it shows they were "there", and hence the departure (Exodus) will occur afterward.  Seems simple?  Theologians don't think that way.  They are often lost, and those who follow them will become lost as well (blind leading the blind).

In our book series we locate Joseph who is the symbolic and actual "entrance" of the people, then we move "backwards" in history 3 generations (Joseph, Jacob/Israel, Isaac, Abraham) to locate the forefathers of the Faith.  As you may know:

Abraham begat Isaac (and Ishmail), Isaac begat Jacob (and Esau), Jacob begat 12 sons who became the twelve tribes, and Joseph (Prime Minister of Egypt) was the eleventh son.


By fleshing out the many "theories" of those who have never conducted proper research, we often find amazing truths hidden in plain view for the world to see.

As we fumbled in the dark with the masses of humanity, we asked how can the men of science (philosophy, theology, etc) tell us where we are "going", when they cannot tell us where we have BEEN?  We solve ancient mysteries and provide future science breakthroughs.  The Wisdom Team are an unstoppable force who will be "in" on the secrets of the future.  As an example of the simplistic way to solve what is perceived as complicated problems our author/founder solves the core issues of "Perpetuity/Eternal" herein.  Test the theory, spirit, concept, or whatever you wish to call it. 

There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!  


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