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Look at the following sketch of the Sphinx from the early 1800�s.  Do you think this is/was someone�s imagination or do you think the hole the Sphinx sits in actually filled up with sand?   Do you realize the Sphinx base sits 115 feet in altitude lower than the Great Pyramid which sits nearby?  Are you aware the Sphinx sits in a hole that was once filled with water, and has since filled with sand many times?  See the links for the plateau which follow and the photo that follows:



These links should help you to understand more about the water table and �hole effect� of the Sphinx, including the lower body erosion.



This link(s) above should help you to understand more about the Sphinx itself.

In this old British postcard we see the sand embankment behind the Sphinx structure is planed right on out from the body to the base high above it.  At this time the water table could have easily entered into the area we presently know as the Sphinx cavity, yet because of the high sand in the hole the water would not have been known to exist.  The increase of water in this area would be like the ebb and flow of the tide washing and scouring the lime rock of the area.


As we see in this close-up photo in the 1800�s the sands of time covered the Great Sphinx many times.  This image we see here is much like the young Prince who came to be known as Tuthmosis IV likely saw.  In our upcoming book, The Bible Plumb Line: Pharaoh�s of the Israelites we share the true significance of Tuthmosis IV and the chain of events set in motion during his reign.  The world would never be the same, and it will soon be shaken by events of this era.


As we see in this next modern photo, the water erosion to the Sphinx is clearly evidenced to bodily damage to the soft lime rock, while the upper lime rock (head) is not worn in a similar pattern.  We also find the appearance of weaker stone in the body.  This again demonstrates the presence of a high water table and a break down in the lime rock at the lower levels from the water presence����As we see in the book, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, the initial use and purpose of the Sphinx area as a quarry led to shifts within the focus of its usage.  Ultimately ground water issues were what caused the area �quarrying� to cease.  Eventually, the shift would lead to an event people would talk about for thousands of years.  Get the book for details.  Pay special attention to the fifth volume in the series.  In that volume we name the Sphinx, and tell you why it was named after this great man. 

This photo comes from what appears to be the 1970�s era of time.  The Sphinx has not been fully restored as yet, and the roads/traffic around the structure has not shifted to its present pattern.



Here follows a modern photo of the area.  Note the large blocks which stand before the Sphinx.  Notice the road to the right of the photo.  One will notice the juncture in the road is as high as the head on the Sphinx.  If one follows legend and lore of the day of the Sphinx, then a pharaoh would not place a statue where a man�s head could be higher than his, would he?  So why do so many people think this could be a pharaoh?  A great surprise hidden for 4000+ years will soon be revealed.  The meaning of this structure was lost with the Hyksos Invasions.  Wait until we restore the power and order to this structure in Volume Five of The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved����.

Photos of this nature allow us to see one of the restorations to the face of the Sphinx.  What we will learn is that in the past the face was updated and/or changed to suit the fancy of those in power.  In Volume Five of the Solomon Series we provide direction on the original face of the Sphinx and the present face.  In between the two individuals was the Hyksos Invasion in which it lost its visibility and significance to several generations.

As dark clouds loom over the Sphinx, we see that darkness covers the land, but soon a newness of light will be restored to bring the Sphinx back to its once present glory.


From this angle it is fairly clear to see the erosion lines of the naturally existing ground formation from standing water.  We can see the body of the structure was well beneath the natural water line areas of the time it was built.  Very likely this was merely a holding pond area or staging area tool for the rocks coming from Aswan.

Since the Sphinx itself is merely a rock remaining in the bottom of a hole after a quarrying operation, it is most likely of design that follows the Great Pyramid, otherwise one must wonder where did all the rock around the Sphinx go?  The surrounding rocks were obviously moved first, and since we have three large rock piles nearby (the three major pyramids) it is fairly easy to see where the stones were used.  This being the case, the Pyramid is obviously older than the Sphinx.  I include a photo at bottom, but never forget to see the link for water table issues to disprove the hokey claims of dishonest people.  Here are some links:

INSERT LINK, Water table.



Go now to our website and order Volume Five of The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved to learn who the Sphinx really is/was.

Video Link:  New Revelation and Views of the Great Sphinx of Egypt, Guardian of Giza.

Video Link:  The Great Pyramid views from horseback in the desert. Including the Guardian of Giza/Great Sphinx.

Video Link:  Great Pyramid Sub-Terranean Chambers, Sphinx, Erosion issues.


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