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Is the geological erosion theory of Professor Robert Schoch of Boston University accurate, or is this a Schocking hoax?  A layman in the field of geology uses GoogleEarth, attendance at the site in Giza, and a little common sense to flesh out the 15-20 year old "theory" of Schoch, wherein Schoch appears to have claimed that ancient "rains" caused erosion to the lower body and the stone cavity (edges) of the Great Sphinx at the Giza Plateau of Egypt.

Schoch has put his academic integrity on the line to demonstrate using his theory that the Sphinx is actually far older than the Great Pyramid.  In fact the research claims the Sphinx is from the ancient city of Atlantis........Hold it!  Isn't Atlantis a myth?  Legend? Lore?  How can a reputable person claim that a large rock sculpture is designed and built by a comic book legend?  One must wonder.

Our first concern in this review of the general concept is two-fold..............If the "lower" body of the Sphinx was damaged and eroded by rains of 5000-10,000 years ago then why wasn't the head and upper body effected?  That doesn't make sense, does it?  If there was rain one would think there was rain all over, and the head would be effected as well, right?  Why is the lower body of the Sphinx so heavily weathered and worn, yet the head reveals no such damage whatsoever?  This seems suspect.  If lime rock submerged in water breaks down and forms carbonic acid, then wouldn't the lower body deteriorate from standing water if the water lever was higher than it is today?   (Schoch's group of hoaxters claims the head was re-sculpted, but this a partial answer from the most naive.  We will address this in the text.)

Our second concern is that many years ago when the Arabs stripped the casing stones off of the Great Pyramid it is said that the lime stone fascia was water damaged.  This is amazing, however the indication is that only the lower half of the Great Pyramid was water effected.  There was apparently no damage to the upper half of the Great Pyramid outer lime stone covering.  Why is the lower casing said to be damaged, but not the upper casing?  This is odd. 

Meanwhile, we find that the Great Pyramid sits 120 feet higher on the plateau, then the Sphinx which appears to sit in a hole.  The water damage to the Great Pyramid actually points to another water source, WHICH when revealed explains why the lower region (reservoir) around the Sphinx (which sits in a hole) was flooded, THUS explaining the lower body erosion of the Sphinx by way of STANDING WATER!

The lower body erosion of the Sphinx and Pyramid ALMOST sounds like a similar pattern, however the Great Pyramid is 481+ feet tall and the Sphinx is only 65 feet.  If the Sphinx of only 65 feet tall experienced erosion, then there should be SIMILAR EROSION to the Great Pyramid within 65 feet of the top......There is NOT.

The damages to the two structures are inconsistent with Schoch's theory, UNLESS there was water that flowed out of the pyramid, ran down the side, and then down the hill to the Sphinx.  That could happen, or could it?  We have released some free info that explores that idea:  www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php .  You will see this soundly refutes Schoch's hoax and many others.  The truth will indeed set you free.

Isn't this odd?  Two structures in nearly the same proximity of one another show water damage in the lower extremities only, and none whatsoever at the upper areas.  Could this be signs of the "flood" of Noah as reported in the Bible?  Very likely NO, because that account states that all the earth was covered with water.   If the pyramid was covered with water then the entire structure would have water damge.............BUT since the Great Pyramid sits on a base 115 feet (or so) higher than the 65 foot tall Sphinx, then water raising to the mid body of the pyramid would COMPLETELY submerge the tiny little Sphinx which sits at the foot of the Great Pyramid.

For a better understanding of the actual no frills "flood" of Noah see our review/expose coming soon The Bible Plumb Line: Flood of Noah.  We intend to present a short video series on this as well.

............As we look further at the structures at Giza and at the photos that follow, we see that the Great Pyramid is on a plain 115 feet higher than the Sphinx.  Since the Sphinx is only 65 feet high, and it sits in a HOLE 115 feet lower than the pyramid, then a great flood of the pyramid would have completely submerged the Sphinx, and there is no evidence of this.  Since the head erosion/damage is not consistent with the body of the Sphinx, then this is not evidence of the Biblical flood.  

(In reference to the Biblical flood we would expect the "flood" event to have occurred before pyramid construction since the pyramid does not show flood damage consistent with what we would expect.  In this regard, we need to revisit common theology, which we will address soon.  Is our theology out of line?  Maybe!  We shall expose that error if it indeed exists.  Go get our "Death of Joseph" book to get started  www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php )  There are answers and information coming regarding the alleged "Joseph" Prime Minister of Egypt that will blow your mind.

Lower body erosion with no top area erosion of two structures at different heights above sea level is not consistent with the flood of the Bible, OR the rain as claimed by Schoch.  Meanwhile, since the Sphinx is "downhill" and near the Great Pyramid then any water running off the Pyramid would naturally wash down hill to the Sphinx.  This means the erosion at the Sphinx is likely from the run-off from above and potentially a high water table.  Isn't this simple to follow?  What if water ran down hill from the Pyramid to the Sphinx and the area around the Sphinx filled with water causing the lower body erosion?  Wouldn't standing water in the void area around the Sphinx cause an exponential acceleration of erosion?  Of course it would, but aren't we in the desert?  Yes or No?

As we look at this erosion perspective one would assume that a reputable geologist would understand rocks?  Lime rock?  Hold it!  Isn't lime rock typically the result of a mineral base left by a water body subsiding?  Yes!  Doesn't lime rock erode and wash away in the presence of water?  Yes................So if a geologist was to address lime rock erosion based on the presence of water, wouldn't they locate the water and water table?  What water?

Would it surprise you to learn that the water table TODAY at Giza is only 9 feet below the Sphinx?  Wouldn't a serious study of erosion concerning a rock type formed from subsiding waters at least look at the water table in the area?  One would think, but Schoch's work may have been flawed for failing to address some obvious issues.  Let's not study urban myth, but rather look to see what is there today.  We see an abundance of water!!  How Schoching!

Before we look at photos, are you familiar with the Aswan Dam?  Nasser Lake?  Up river of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx there is a dam project that has been holding back the flow of water for nearly 120 years.  The presence of the dam upstream very likely has lowered the ground water level downstream!  Isn't this a simple concept?  Isn't it easy to see that water use and consumption changes in the 1890's would have affected the height of water table in the region?  Is it fair to assume if the dam upriver was removed that the water table would be higher?  Is it reasonable to think the modern city of Cairo sits today in a place that was once a flood plain?  The city now sits, where the river once did!

Here I show you a recent aerial of the Giza Plateau.  First I want to show you a typical "GoogleEarth" view of the plateau.

Check out the over-view here! www.SolomonSeries.com/pdfs/aerial-complete.pdf and here as well  www.SolomonSeries.com/pdfs/aerial-without overlay.pdf

Now, please look at the identification of items on the plateau.  Many people are drawn to the pyramids in the picture, meanwhile I draw you to the lower right hand side of the photo.

As you can see there are a number of "issues" that need to be addressed by a proper "water erosion" expose' on the Giza Plateau.

Notice the following:
1)  Standing water in the lower right hand corner of the aerial above (SE of Sphinx).  The standing water today is 61 feet above sea level.  


Look at the water standing in the sands of Egypt in December 2006.  Of course since this is sand, the entire water table must be saturated (high water table) for this standing water to be present.  When locals were asked how long this water had been standing, they advised it has been there forever and never went away.  This would seem to indicate the water table we expected.  Look at this.  The standing water and presence of garbage is normal.  Note from your aerial that this water is as close to the Great Pyramid as the third pyramid is to the Great Pyramid.  Very, very close.  Notice the large, old trees on the right and directly in front-center of the photo evidencing long standing water in the area.

Below is a photo at the base level of the Sphinx showing a hole that is very near to the Sphinx.  It is less than 50-100 feet from the structure.  Surely a serious water/erosion study would show the water evidence at only about 7 feet in this photo.  Look at the water/dampness in this photo.  Do you know where this photo/hole is found?  Look back at our original Sphinx shot above.   These two photos are taken from essentially the same place/area.   I took one photo looking "to" the Sphinx, then turned around to take this photo of a wet hole in the "desert", thus evidencing water table effects only 7-9 feet below the structure.   The water evidence in this hole is clearly seen a few feet below the base of the Sphinx.  How could a reputable geology study miss this?

Again, here is the Sphinx location of this water hole.

Imagine high ground water in the immediate shadow of the Sphinx.  Should this be a factor in lower body erosion?  Absolutely!

2)  As we look at the height above the sea level of many items in the aerials above we see a LEVY wall, the Sphinx, an above ground cemetery, and massive-old trees all at the 70 feet height above sea level.  Interestingly they are all at basically the same height above sea level............Think with me for just one minute.  Why would anyone create above ground graves in the desert sand only a few hundred feet from the Sphinx?  SIMPLE!  The ground water is too high here to bury the bodies in the sand!.............THINK!   Okay, what "feeds" the large trees in the cemetery, but the high water table??  Both the cemetery and trees evidence a high water table only 300 or so feet from the Sphinx.  Look at your aerial.  Look at our labeled aerial for guidance.  So the Sphinx is at the same base level?  Absolutely! Check the height with your own "GoogleEarth".

3)  So the Sphinx is at the same height as a levy wall? Yes, look closely.  The "wall" on the southeast of the plateau is actually larger than the Sphinx itself.  Look at the wall/levy.

The above photo is the levy wall identified in your drawing at the lower right (SE) of the photo.  Do you want more?   Look at this series of photos.

This wall appears to be over 30 feet thick!  Why in the world would anyone build such a large, thick wall?  It is simple, this is a levy construction, and the force and height of water this would have held back once upon a time would be amazing.  As we look at this side of the wall from the "Sphinx" side of this structure there is standing water on the other side that is at 61 feet elevation as shown before (lower right of aerial).  Understand that the Nile River which would have been on the other side of this levy flows from south to north.  This levy/barrier is "upriver" of the Sphinx/Pyramids.  Hold it!  Why would anyone build a levy wall this high, this thick up river unless the river got this high?  Undoubtedly they had a concern or need?  WAIT!  If someone built a levy more than 24 feet tall and more than 30 feet deep then they would be expecting a 16 foot surge of water or a standing water level of 25 feet higher than it currently is!  (9 feet + 16 feet = 24 feet)  Is this possible?  Do you think the Egyptians were stupid?  Foolish?  Time wasters?   I think not.  It appears that the water table was once much, much higher.

Look at the next series of photos.  The first one shows the levy (cars still present), the Sphinx bluff, trees and cemetery to the right................NOTICE THE WHITE MINI-VAN in BOTH pictures!!  Connect the dots! !  

In this next photo our photographer turns ever so slightly to the right to show the "Sphinx bluff" on the left and the pyramids on the right.  Notice the large trees in the center of the photo, evidencing water on the plateau.  These photos are around the periphery of the cemetery labeled in the aerial above.

Look closely in the next photo.  Just above the buses in the photo is the Great Sphinx.  It is directly between the buses and the right pyramid.  You can hardly see it.  It is not so big is it?  Can you see how it sits down in a hole?  Can you see how if water ran off the Great Pyramid area then it would run down hill and erode the Sphinx? HOLD IT!  Do you really think the water stood on the plateau? You may need to get our book series for detail.  www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php 

Yes, as you can see from the above and from your own GoogleEarth aerial study, the Sphinx, the trees, the cemetery, and the LEVY are all basically the same base height!  If the levy wall saw standing water 16 feet high against it as it appears to have been designed to withstand, then the water pressure would permeate ALL the sand/soil of the region and we would have 16 feet of water standing in the Sphinx area!   This means the structure would have water to the shoulder level of the sphinx!  This means the lower erosion damage or body damage to the Sphinx is easier connected with a ground water situation than rain water!  Rising ground water eroded the Sphinx, not rain!  This would easily explain the lower damage without damage to the head.  Does Schoch think we are stupid?  Isn't it amazing what a guy with a digital camera and the Internet can achieve?  Wait until you see our books and exposes' www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php 

Do you have any idea what 16 feet of water at the base of the Sphinx would do to the Great Pyramid!?  It would flood the subterranean chamber!   AMAZING!  We created a drawing set to demonstrate this occurence and a number of other COOL discoveries.  Get the Pyramid LS-3 drawing!  www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php .  It is a free drawing.  Share it with your friends!

Were you aware that there is a HOLE under the Great Pyramid of over 98 feet deep? Think with me for just one minute..........If you were to make the largest rock pile in the world, but you wanted to have a hole under the structure when you got finished, then which would you do first.  Would you dig the hole or pile the rock first?  Heck!  I would dig the hole, wouldn't you? Then pile the rock, right?  So the first step in building this pyramid is NOT to pile up rock but rather to dig a hole.  If digging a hole is the first step to building the Great Pyramid and the structure is centered about the hole, then a reasonable person would ask why they dug the hole, right?...............If we figured out why they dug a hole then we would know why and how they built the pyramid............Interesting thought.  We look into this in the eBooks at www.SolomonSeries.com 

Let's get back to exposing the hoax of rainfall/erosion on the Sphinx.  We see that at the time of Pyramid construction that they dug into the "ground water" level prior to piling stone.  We also see that the Sphinx sits in a hole at the foot of the Pyramid.  We know the Sphinx is suppose to be the largest single rock sculpture in the world, yet where did the rock for the Sphinx come from?  It is naturally existing!  What happened to all the rock around the Sphinx?  It was removed!  Where is the rock?  LOOK!  It is in the structures behind the Sphinx itself!  The Sphinx cannot come before the pyramid because it only exists as a result of the rock removed to build the pyramids themselves!  Furthermore, the Sphinx itself is merely the old center island of an old rock quarry.  Once they finished quarrying the stone they dressed up the remainder!  Isn't this simple to see?

Here is something you must look at.  We have created an electronic model or cut away of the Great Pyramid.  In so doing we demonstrate the water table for the area when the levy was employed.  With 16 feet of water at the side of the levy you should see what happens to the ground water!  Get the Pyramid LS3 drawing.  www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php .  It will amaze you!  Get the free drawing sets and share them with your friends.  Get the eBooks and share them as well.

Here is a cool deal as well.  As you can see the rain/erosion/Atlantean/Atlantis theory of Schoch likely has some errors inserted by modern urban legend.  The erosion came from high ground water, not rain.  Pretty simple to solve this hoax isn't it?  Not a problem.................Share this with your friends!  Tell the world!  They need to know.  We are being deceived by "Modern Myth" and "Urban legend".  Expose the truth!

Look at this old photo.  How long do YOU think the water table has been high in this area?  FOREVER!!


NOW, would you like to flesh out the ideas concerning "Celestial Alignments" of the Pyramid?  Are you aware that a simple model and mathematics can be applied to solve any sun orientation problem with any pyramid in the world?  What would you give, or what would you do to see how to flesh out celestial/sun hoaxes with pyramids?  Go now to our website and get the free "Equinox" model, but PLEASE share it with people.  Pass it around and share it with everyone you know.  We should not listen to the dishonest claims of hucksters any longer.  Should we?  Go now to www.SolomonSeries.com/videopromo.php 

Go NOW to Our Orders Page www.SolomonSeries.com and get started on the path of truth.

There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 


Copyright by Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, more information is available at www.SolomonSeries.com .


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