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Have you ever heard of references to sub-terranean tombs and such under pyramids in ancient Egypt?  Are you aware that never in the world have they ever found a pharaoh, pharaoh mummy, or pharaoh remains in a pyramid?  The �pyramid tomb� concept is a HOAX and a lie.  By way of design anyone that tells you pyramids are tombs has revealed themselves as either a deceiver or someone easily deceived.  I am not calling these people liars, but merely stating that they have lied and I am revealing the truth.  Because of the lies and deception in the �science� of Egyptology, Archaeology, and other studies based  in Egypt, we are precluded from seeing the truth and knowing good wisdom.  These dishonest and deceitful are accurately identified in Isaiah 19 of the Bible.  See the following link for details:  Isaiah 19 of the Bible.

As we look at the following drawings which are very old (100+ years) from the Edgar and Smythe studies of the mid 1800�s and the photos of a day gone by, we see this subterranean area is more like a working space, or lower section of a WATER WELL as described over 150 years ago.  Since those who entered these spaces many years ago found water, the presence of water, and evidence of long standing water, maybe we need to review the water issues in the area as seen in our �Lift Shift� drawing set as found at www.SolomonSeries.com/pdfs/ls-3.zip , which we make freely available to anyone who wishes to have it.

Notice the sloppily cut, irregular shape of this internal space in the ancient drawing below:

Please understand there is a lot of deceit and deception in modern reporting, and let me explain why.  If you spent $80,000 or more to get a four year education to study Egypt and the �pseudo-sciences� that go on there, you would likely not be in a position to run against the tide and correct all the mysticism and lies in the area.  If you wanted to be promoted from within your organization you would have to chase the hoaxes, myths, and illusions of your fore-fathers.  Meanwhile, if you had any integrity whatsoever you would work to reveal the truth.  We are coming after those without integrity and those who are dishonest.  Their studies will be revealed for the fraud that they represent.

As you see from the drawing above the earliest investigators recognized this as a water chamber, and they knew very little about water.  When you look at our �Lift Shift� drawing, this will make a lot more sense to you.  What I demonstrate in the free eBook is that this area shown in the drawing is a bit like as �S� shaped piece of pipe or �P� trap underneath a sink.  Since the purpose of this enlarged space was to extend the life of a water well located under the structure, we see they had to burrow adjacent to the old well/shaft, yet offset, then try to joint together the old and the new�����.In our upcoming text (Volume Five, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved) we reveal the precise timeframe when this recovery effort was made����

As we will see from a �natural trend� noted in Egyptology the �Old Kingdom� pharaohs were believed to be �gods�.  Meanwhile the end of their �god� appearance came at/near the failure of the waters of the Nile.  They move into a great drought, which would have lowered the water table.  During this drought they likely tried to recover this well.  The historical alignment and significance of this event is astounding.  Check out our aerials and water table models.  You will be astounded at what has been discovered.

As we see by the sensible review of this 100+ year old photo (below), we see the sub-terranean chamber was never intended to be used as a tomb.  It was a simple, ugly, dirty working space�����..As you will see it is/was a reservoir where water was drawn from.  Much of what we will see in this area is a weakening of the soil, and forming of the void by way of erosion.  The water in the area and the high water table would have made the area easier to excavate when they were clearing this space.

As we look at the second photo upcoming we see water-lines on the lime rock within the structure.  It is quite clear this space flooded.  When this space flooded the ground water would be such that the Sphinx would have water to its shoulder, thus the body and cavity erosion noted in our other post.  See our expose on the water issues in our downloadable pdfs. 

Note water lines below.


We see in this space when we examine it closely that it is an exploration in excavation.   The design of the dig demonstrates the reason for the hole.  Notice in this next photo that the small square tunnel to the structure is located at the outermost edge of a large room.  This is because the dig pattern of those who originally dug the chamber missed their target and then expanded their dig area towards the original center well under the pyramid.  See the free eBook.

In this third photo we see a square channel cut to the sub-terranean chamber.  This is the space we see extending from the north down to the chamber.  What you must understand is the original chamber was likely dug roughly cut and squared later.  I will explain more on this later and in the books.

As we see with �Mamun�s Hole� they did exploratory work, dug into this chamber, THEN enlarged this space to the square/flat walls we see.  The channel first intercepted the PRE-EXISTING chamber, then the area around the channel was enlarged to what we currently see.  What they needed was the lime rock and high quality stone from WITHIN the space to use as BUILDING MATERIAL for the effort to correct the problem of erosion and falling water table.  As one may realize water with lime rock forms carbonic acid and it is corrosive to the stone.  Some of their efforts and evidence has been removed by way of erosion.  The �flat� stone walls still have integrity because the water table did not return and erode it the way we see all the other subterranean areas�����..Friends, this is the lower end of a failed water well/pump, precisely as we described in the free eBook series found at www.SolomonSeries.com , named The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

Next photo we see a similar channel out the other side.  Some of these digging efforts are of a more modern nature as explorers not fully understanding the space did their own digging and exploration.  This part of the tube here actually reveals a MISTAKE the diggers made when constructing the space.  The ancient Egyptians were not perfect.  They were pretty good, but not perfect.  When they dug this channel/hole they MISSED their mark and dug a square channel straight through past the chamber/reservoir they were looking for.  This is why we have a nice square tube that enters and exist the sub-terranean space.  Once they realized they had dug too far, they re-calculated then broke to the �right� of their chamber (since they missed the mark) thereby breaking into the reservoir.  As you look at the space with this in mind you will realize only one side of the hole is really �squared� and that �square� part perfectly intersects the outer most extremity of the subterranean chamber both coming and going.  This area never flooded again as it had in the past, and never remained flooded as it once did.  They cleared the stone away between their MISTAKE and the reservoir. 




As we can see from the above photos a nearly square tunnel/channel intersects the space to the far side of a large rough hewn reservoir in the rock.  Very likely the square tunnel was cut as described in Ted Whidden�s book, and they missed their target in the process.  Their target of course was the large rough cut reservoir from construction many years earlier.  Once they realized they had missed their mark the builders likely determined which direction to expand their dig/search and the squared the hole/space in hard rock as they worked towards the soft, once water saturated reservoir area.  By cutting/quarrying square lime stone blocks in the hole they were able to set the liner blocks and other blocks with locally quarried stone (from inside the hole).  For this reason some of the blocks used inside the space are actually as large (possibly larger?) than the tunnels to the space������..This technique of locally quarrying the larger stone needed in a project was used as early as the foundational tier of the Great Pyramid as explained in the book, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

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There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 


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