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It is important to recall that obscure graves were the order of the day.  Pharaohs did not have public funerals (most likely) and likely did not have public burial sites.  If your �pharaoh� was a �god� then you would never expect him to die.  It is therefore not likely that large tombs or temples above ground for public use had any connection to death.  Our ideas concerning this culture is far out of line with reality much of the time����.THINK!  If the pharaoh died there was no CNN, News media, or cable TV to notify the people of the dead pharaoh.  Most likely they passed on with a rather quiet passing, and the next pharaoh was installed with only a few people knowing.  It is hard to conceive they mourned their dead �god� pharaoh.  If anything it would have been a happy celebration, because he had moved on to whatever mystic place you believe he went to����Do you see how our perceptions are twisted by the deceptive and �romanticized� stories of people who failed to tell us the truth?  It is important for us to see that many who have investigated this region got pulled in by some other mystic pursuit and whereas their tales are �romantic�, they are all fanciful and inaccurate.

What the ancients did was dig holes/tombs in the unstable rock base.  When they completed the space, it was decorated with various styles in each one.  Once the space was filled with items from immediate family, friends, and connections, the opening was obscured by collapsing the unstable rock cliffs around the opening.  This would cover the opening.

In an amazing breakthrough by way of the book, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, the world is clearly informed that pharaohs of Egypt were not buried in pyramids.  This long standing hypothesis has failed to ever prove itself out, and the continued �matter-of-fact� claims of Egyptologists appears to be fraud and deception.   As stated in the book by Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden there has never ever been a pharaoh, pharaoh mummy, or pharaoh remains found in a pyramid in Egypt.  In fact, the three major pyramids at Giza were found closed and completely sealed with never any evidence of burial issues associated with the structure.  Whidden advises that early explorers hoped to find mummies in the pyramids, and spread the rumor that they would, but it never proved out.  Today�s Egyptologists and theorists who believe the pyramids are tombs are not only deceived themselves, they are deceiving others. 

By now the concept that they are tombs has been made so mysterious and illusive we can expect a dishonest, low integrity research group to plant a hoax mummy in a pyramid to �prove� out the erred theory.  Unfortunately, the lives and deaths of these ancients has been overly romanticized at times, and corruption now exists in our ideas and concepts concerning these people�����.As clear evidence of this corruption we see the failure of reasonable academics from ever solving construction questions of the structure. 

After spending millions and millions of dollars, and several lifetimes researching these structures it would seem that certain �truths� would have been revealed.  Since there is an absence of integrity in reporting, we are misled����..

One �problem� with this is the pyramid tomb idea is that �pyramid era� pharaohs are NOT found in pyramids.  Some of them have not been found at all.  Is it possible there is something we are overlooking simply because of our own deceptions and failures?  We are tricking ourselves by romanticizing and fantasizing wildly about simple things.  In the book Whidden clearly and simply fleshes out �folklore� and �myth� issues largely created by modern science and those in the pursuits of �Pseudo-science�.  By fleshing out myth using simple observation techniques, Whidden leads the reader through a simple, common sense approach that provides answers to hundreds of never answered questions.

We see in the photos that follow, the �Valley of the Kings� where we really do find �tombs�.   These tombs are obscure, hidden holes in the ground.  Look at the terrain.  The terrain is largely unstable and would not support pyramid construction.  As we see, these tombs are nearly 400 miles from the Pyramid Plateau at Giza.  FOUR HUNDRED MILES!  Yes!  These tombs are so far from the pyramids that it takes an overnight express train ride to get there.

Notice in this next photo the roads and �framed� openings at each tomb are installed today for modern use.  This was completely obscured in the past. 

Since the burials often employed the use of slabs of rock and various sealing mechanisms to cover the hole, when one found a rock shift it could/would have been wise to dig around and find out what was under it.  In this way many of the tombs were discovered likely by mistake.  Yes, even the tomb of King Tut was discovered by mistake while Howard Carter was excavating tombs in the near area������..Tut�s tomb is very significant to Biblical Archaeological research (as is Hatchepseth), but theologians and such have failed to make the proper connection.  Our text series, The Bible Plumb Line: Pharaohs of the Israelites helps to set this in order��..Meanwhile, Tut�s tomb is famous in part because it was the first tomb found in modern times prior to being pilfered by thieves.  This means the other tombs were either discovered by crooked �explorers� or poorly documented.  Many tombs were found in various conditions of disarray by those who wandered the desert.  Very likely some great ruins were melted down or sold onto the �black market�.  This black market trade likely continues today.  High officials within the chain of command of the ruins are occasionally suspected in issues where items go astray.

This next image is the "Valley of the Kings" which is an obscure burial ground in Egypt where the tombs of kings have REALLY been found.  The ground/geology is unstable here, and does not allow for the building of pyramids.  There are NO pyramids in this region, only tombs.


As we see in the next photo the terrain of the pyramid plateau (which is 400 miles from the Valley of the Kings) is largely lime rock foundation where the pyramids sit, with lots of sand all around.  The sand would not provide a stable structure for burial, would tend to blow away, and would make a poor area for tombs.  EVEN IF one built an in ground tomb in the lime rock, the wind might tend to remove the sand and reveal the opening.  The Giza Plateau is a terrible place to achieve an obscure burial as sought by the �god-king� pharaohs.

The following structures have NEVER proved themselves to be tombs.   The concept of a "tomb" pyramid is an old myth and subject of folklore.  We reveal the source of the legend and folklore in our book series.


There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Videos of Pharaoh Tombs of Egypt

Aerials, Flyovers, Views from Above, God's View of Egypt (1)....These images/videos show the proximity of Giza/pyramids to the Valley of the Kings (burials) as well as the orientation from above of places and structures in Egypt.  There are TWO links!  See both of them.  Aerials, Flyovers, Views from Above, God's View of Egypt(2)

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock! 



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