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The apparent founder of this interesting pursuit is Steven Myers of the Pharaoh Pump Foundation, at .

Myers has set up a non-profit 501C3 company to raise funding for a pyramid concept alleging there was fire/combustion in the Great Pyramid.

The debunking of:

as found at ""


The main problems with Myers theory is combustion integrity, lack of proper pressure/vacuum knowledge, and integrity in general it appears.   (Special NOTE: Since we posted information on Myer's project, including exposing the flaws in the design below, AND sending Myers a free copy of our books; the group has removed some of their information from the Internet.)

The pyramid never gives any indication that large amounts of fire or heat ever existed in the structure.  If one created a fire in the structure then the gases and smoke would prevent one from ever being ever to supply fuel to the fire.  If the fire ever was ignited it would smolder and would never create great heat.The same gases and smoke would displace all the oxygen in the space and snuff out any form of combustion, making sustained combustion impossible.   Due to the Myers design once the system is "set" there is no access to the structure or to his fire location to re-ignite once the oxygen is consumed.  Once the oxygen is consumed or other fire bi-products fill the air, the internal spaces would become inaccessible for personnel.  No aspect of the plan put forward would appear to work.  See a drawing produced on the website by Steven Myers and his group.  It actually helps prove that the pursuit is frivolous.



From physical inspection we would anticipate that any attempt at fire would likely create a lot of smoke which would coat the interior with soot.  There is no record of soot, so this theory looks weak in every direction.

From the drawing above note the fire section/vacuum seal is at the TOP of the Grand Gallery making his fire location the upper central region of the known accessible spaces at the time of writing.  This precludes that ability to light the fire, maintain the fire and a HOST of vacuum issues our theorist has overlooked...............Consider this...Take a tiny "straw" and place it in a drink.  Easy to drink, right?  Now take a large one.  More flow but takes more effort, too.  Now, take a garden hose and create a siphon.  More effort.  More flow, but much more effort.  What we quickly find is that surface area of the fluid in the "siphon" affects the effort required to lift the fluid.  In an ideal world the designer would want a very large vacuum containment area, yet a very, very small opening.  This would make the vacuum effort more productive and easier to sustain with low technology.  Here is yet another problem with Myer's theory.  Myers theory has a very large space that is "vented" to atmosphere thus creating an imperfect containment, AND the surface area of the fluid where the vacuum acts is HUGE!  The Grand Gallery cross section (refer to "Upper Diagonal Cross Section" above) is very, very large.  The Grand gallery itself is several stories tall, and when one uses a level profile the surface area of the fluid might approach the size of a small house.  The amount of surface area to volume of the containment area would not produce the desirable results.

As one can see the entire pyramid was completely hermetically sealed from the outside by use of stones, lime rock slurry and other sealing agents.   YES!  They used mortar as well!  Do not get caught up in the fantasy that they did not.  Understand that when science tries to "carbon date" the structure, they use MORTAR for their tests.  The presence of carbon dating thus "proves" there is mortar, too!  Get real about the subject.  Also, look at our photos on this sight.  We show pictoral evidence of lots of mortar.  End the myths! 

The sealed aspects of the structure would prevent air, ventilation, fuel, and NONE of the three sides of the fire triangle (air, fuel, ignition) can be provided.  Since NONE of the elements to create fire can be provided, supported, or maintained, and no evidence of fire exists..........Where does this "idea" of fire come from?  We reveal the truth in our eBook.

When one understands the actual structure of the Great Pyramid one will see that Myers theorizes there was a fire outside of the "King's Chamber" at the top of the Grand Gallery.  If this was at all possible then:

1) How would air be introduced to the fire?  There are no air passages. No, the "channels" or "air tubes" are not for air.  They are all plugged.  See our free eBook where we reveal the truth.

2) How would one add fuel to the fire?  There is no other access.  There is/was never any evidence of large amounts of fuel, fuel resources, fuel residue, or anything of the sort in the structure.  If one had "loaded" the structure and set a fire it would have burnt itself out and left remains.  Since it was completely sealed when it was entered, there would be evidence.  There is not.  Since it was sealed there is/was no means of adding fuel if it were ever depleted.

3) How would people access the space?  A simple fire would consume all the working oxygen in the space and make it a lethal area of entry for personnel.

4)  If this illusion of Myers would work, THEN WHERE would the water come from?  According to his system he needs a sealed lower chamber, that means water would have to be fed over the top (from outside) so what is the purpose of lifting water to a level where you have already lifted it to?  There is no purpose.  The author is off the path.  The "fill" level of Myers illusion is an estimated 100-200 feet above the top of the plateau!!  There is no point!  Not only does the system as portrayed by Myers fail under all critical analysis, it fails to "do" anything productive.  This seems like a monumental task by educated people (ancient Egyptians) for no purpose.  The more we look into the theory the worse it looks. 

5)  The author assumes they used "compressed" air spaces, but fails to advise how they "charged" the system, how they sealed the system, how the filled the system, how they fueled the system, or any of a multitude of simple resources and such that it needs.   Clearly Mr. Kunkel who likely was the "father" of this theory had an understanding of mechanics and hydraulics.  What they have failed to acknowledge is the permeability of the soil under the pyramid structure, and the ground water under the structure.  This is a classical concept of not being able to see the forest for the trees.  Myers and Kunkel missed the obvious that the pyramid is a simple self charged, self regenerating vacuum lift.  The water is provided from the ground water, and has NOTHING to do with compression, but everything to do with large vacuum spaces drawing fluid through a small series of orifices with check valves.  This is all clearly demonstrated in our free eBook series as well as our drawing sets, including but not limited to our "perpetual motion" filings with the U.S. Patent office.

6)  The author (Myers) assumes a perfectly, hermetically sealed system, yet they never had one.  (The systems are "open" to the permeable sands underneath the structure, the eroded carbonate formations, and accessible to the ground water. All the lower spaces he uses have permeable rock.

7)  The authors (Myers and Kunkel) fail in basic water table concepts and knowledge of ground water issues.  Check out our aerial study and you will see the Myer-Kunkel design is backwards, because they fail to understand ground water issues.

There are a number of reasons why this would not work.  Mainly, charging the system with water in this means is impossible, and once one did that they could not get fuel, air, or ignition to their fire spot.  The concept is an illusion/hoax.  There is some interesting engineering, yet some of the spaces and smaller passages they identify for their flow are actually man accesses that operate outside the periphery of a centrally located water lift system.  They mis-identify man-ways as flow-ways.  Once they eradicate the passage ways for personnel they kill their own idea.  When one understands the concept of a centrally located "spiral" tank arrangement then one can see the need for accesses high and low around the central region.  Get the eBooks!  It is all in there.

It appears Myer's pursuit is a mythological hoax, or he is just trying to separate people from their money.  Let's look further as we go down at the indications that might lead this group in this direction.

It is not sure whether any solid information can obtained from the "Pharaoh Pump" organization, but since there is no possibility that this is a sound theory, let's look at how they wig out on a wild tangent like this.

Where do wacky theories like this come from?   As we see from the investigations of the Queen's Chamber when the "tomb raiders" (archaeologists?) entered this erroneously labeled space, we see there was a black dust that covered all those present.  The immediate assumption was that this could have been a remnant of a burn site, however this discovery is 100+ years old.  Since that time investigations have proved this black dust was ancient bug remains, NOT soot.  This information was likely NOT available to Kunkel many years, ago, BUT Myers should know better.  His pursuits may not be what they appear.  What we apparently see is another myth purported by someone raising money for their efforts...............

Since we all know there is no soot, yet there are bugs, we must ask what the abundance of bugs with enough evidence to appear to be a "build-up" could be from?  No soot means no fire or heat.  Meanwhile, presence of abundance of bugs, points to presence of water.  Bugs do not come together except for three things (light, food, water).  Since there are not significant "fecal remains" we can likely rule out food.  Since it is in a stone structure we can likely rule out light.  Amazingly, there is an abundance of salts, bugs, etc in places in the pyramid structure leading us to believe the rocks could/would at least "sweat".  The bugs are likely an evidence of water................In Volume Two of the free online book series, The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved we see the forensic study of the bugs, water and other such remains making it appear we have indeed determined why there is/was water in the area, and what the black soot was.  

It is amazing what one can find out when they flesh out the myths and illusions of others.  Fortunately, by addressing the way out claims of the mystics we have found out some of the "pursuits" are deceptions, and some reveal great truths.  By seeking why Myers would perceive a fire was in the structure, we find weak references to a black powder..........Yet it is bug remains, not soot.  Myer's project is likely a poor investment in time and money..............If you want a better "investment", then spend a little "time" and get our eBooks, drawings, and study what we put out for free.  It is the best information in the world on the Great Pyramid!!!

Copyright by Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, more information is available at .


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There is much more to come.  These are merely teasers for what you will soon find in the eBook.  More will be posted to the website as we go along.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!



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