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Included herein is a copy of an e-mail sent to Archaeology Magazine in early July 2007 in response to their article ran on the apparent hoax orchestrated by French Architect Jean-Pierre Houdin.  Houdin has purported a theory that claims a spiral ramp could have been used in moving the blocks up the side of the Great Pyramid.  It is unfortunate that a professional architect would stake his career on such a frivolous assumption with no proof or indications���..By using the 1883 survey drawings of his fellow surveyor Sir William Petrie we see that tier on tier for nearly all of the 201 tiers the structure remains level.  We have compared the tier on tier measurements of Petries NE and SW corner measurements and can confirm there is no spiral effect at the outer edge of the structure����The mere existence of a spiral effect would make the upper stone tiers unstable, and would make it virtually impossible to square the structure and level it corner on corner as demonstrated in Petrie�s work.

What Jean-Pierre Houdin has created out of thin air is another myth, legend, illusion, or deception.  We looked at his theory, but since Houdin�s models and his write-ups appear not to match up, and in his �study� he addresses only the rock structure above the 129 feet level, then he ascends to heights of illusion never attempted before.  In grand European flare he purports theories and mystic illusion at the upper portion when common theorists have not addressed the lower portion of the structure.  It is more a trick on the order of �Houdini� than anything else.

Houdin claims to have spent (wasted?) eight years on creation of the spiral model that has no indication or grounding in fact.  Since our past mis-understanding of the Great Pyramid was that it is a perfect structure with perfectly cut stones, which is not the case at all, it seems Houdin uses the illusions of the past (perfect stones) to make the quantum leap to spiral ramps when he found one stone leaning. 

As one can clearly see in the photos we have posted to the net, the Great Pyramid has very little in common with the myths and legends we have been raised to believe.  We show obvious signs of mortar, irregular stone, filler rock, sloppy workmanship, and a host of irregularities that time and the Internet should be able to iron out.  What we see is many of the explorers who went to this area used �literary license� after spending too much time in the sun to create all kinds of mythical illusion.  Jean-Pierre Houdin has apparently maintained the same course of deception in his theory.  In other recent theories we see where Professor Robert Schoch of Boston University has lowered his standards, and seems to lack the same integrity.  They both appear to lower themselves beyond the reason of science to create impossible mystic illusion.

It is truly disappointing to many of the seekers of wisdom and truth to see such mystic pursuits and deception brought to mankind by so-called �thinking� people.  Both the above named theorists should be ashamed of themselves.

Included below is an e-mail/letter sent to Archaeology Magazine following their run of Houdin�s theory.  Let�s see how they might respond.  If they do, we will post their reply to this space as well.


The following was sent to Archaeology Magazine�s Eric Powell in July 2007:

Dear Mr. Powell,

I have just spoken with your office, and for some reason we became disconnected.  I felt that maybe it was my phone connection so I decided to try and write.

I have reviewed your article on Houdin�s Spiral Ramp Theory as well as other presentations on the concept.  The concept may have some holes in it, but since he bypasses 70-80% of the mass of the structure, and addresses issues high in the structure that have never been tested, then you run the risk of allowing a myth/legend to find grounding.

We have produced a free eBook online at that provides a forum for addressing such issues.  The �spiral ramp� theory is full of holes.

Mr. Powell, consider the following:

1)       In the late 1800�s surveyors measured the corners of the Great Pyramid at each tier.

2)       The opposing corners from the surveys vary only small amounts from one opposing corner to another.

3)       The �leveling� effect of opposing corners precludes the ability for structural ramps, inclinations, etc.

4)       If the structure had internal ramps of the nature Houdin discusses the structure would demonstrate an instability that is not present.  It would not stand for 4600 years.

5)       In even modern construction a large structure must be level to prevent stress, cracks, collapsing.  The structure HAS to be level virtually all the way up.

6)       The answer to the pyramid construction is in the foundation, and the foundational �leveling� of the structure.

7)       Houdin�s theory focuses on the upper section of the structure (above 120+ feet), and since we are talking about pyramid geometry this only amounts to about 20% of the mass of the structure.  The vast majority of the mass is below this level, and was leveled by common technologies of the day.

8)       There is an inconsistency in Houdin�s models and his ramp presentation.  His spiral ramp is initiated by an appearance of a stone out of level from a modification that likely came well after the original construction.  Unfortunately, like most myth and legend he extended the illusion far past any reasonable explanation.

9)       Based on �presentation� it appears he is more of a �Houdini� than anything else.  There is an illusion effect when one stands at the bottom of a large structure looking up.  One must wonder how did Houdin access the structure above 120 feet to measure/test his theory?  How did he climb the outside, and how would one access the exterior to test the theory?

10)   What Houdin fails to address is the known internal ramp structures within the structure such as the Grand Gallery and the voids, chambers, etc that would actually extend into his ramp path.  These internal voids would make instability within the structure during construction, and would actually make construction difficulties���.Since the spiral ramp theory tends to ignore known internal structures, what might they be for?

Sir, we have a no cost eBook at that addresses the build up of the structure itself, the demise and uses well published evidence and forensics to demonstrate plausible methods of construction from the top-down.  It would be encouraging to see what your readers would think about a text that addresses common myth and legend from top to bottom���What we see is that by fleshing out the myth, that truth is the only thing remaining���If this is accurate (and I assure you it is the closest thing thus far) your magazine will want to be a part of it.

Many kind regards,


Ted Whidden


The Internal Spiral (ramp?) within the Great Pyramid


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